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DIY tips on painting and decorating

Are you renovating your home? Do you want DIY tips on how to paint your home's exterior? The experts at David Wood Painter & Decorator in Shrewsbury are here to help. Call us for details.

Handy tips on home decorating

Need some odd bits and bobs doing around the house? Take a look at our handy hints and tips for home DIY decorating. If you need more information, get in touch with us. You can also count on us for interior and exterior painting as well as domestic and commercial decorating.
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Wall painting

Tip 1- Correcting and filling imperfections in walls

Do your walls have dents and imperfections? 
Shine a torch on the wall sideways to highlight any problem areas. Combat the problem areas with filler ensuring you prime before applying any paint. This way you'll create a better grip and a smoother finish for your paintwork.

Tip 2- Washing new rollers and brushes

Buying new painting equipment?
Before using your new rollers and brushes for the first time, wash them. This removes any fibres or dirt.
But always remember to leave them to dry before you start on the decorating.
Skirting boards

Tip 3- Skirting boards

When you get paintwork and stains all over the floor it can be frustrating. So it's really good practice to apply paint at the bottom of the board to stop the paint running onto the floor and ruining it.
This job can be made even quicker and cleaner by applying masking tape to the edges of your carpet, as this will help prevent stains.
A man painting walls

Tip 4: Flat surfaces and details

The general rule of thumb is that it is best to paint large flat surface last. So if you're painting a door with mouldings, it's best to start with the mouldings and edges and then finish painting with the large door panels.
This will reduce streaks and will make your job quicker too.
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